Zombie Juice is Flatbush’s Flyest: Artist Profile & Fan Guide

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This is what an icon looks like. Drink it in.

Who is Zombie Juice?

Real name: Antonio Lewis
Nicknames: Zombie Juice, Juice, Jewice, Bud Bundy
Birthday: July 8, 1990
Sign: Cancer

Antonio “Zombie Juice” Lewis is a vocalist and video director for the legendary psychedelic hip hop trio Flatbush Zombies. Not only is Zombie Juice the ego/swag-epicenter of Flatbush Zombies, but he is also one of the most compelling rappers in all of hip hop.

Zombie Juice is the smallest member of the group – both Erick and Meechy Darko have at least 5 inches on him – but somehow he’s also the hardest to miss. Zombie Juice looks like a walking acid trip. The New York MC oozes confidence and swagger, balancing their music and image with unrelenting self-belief.

Zombie Juice is typically the most soft-spoken member of the trio in any interview; while Meech spills his heart and Erick provides thoughtful context, Juice is probably chiefing on a blunt in the corner and dropping occasional truth bombs. But there’s one topic that Juice will never miss an opportunity to sound off on, regardless of the interview format:

“Labels kind of fuck people over in the music industry, literally. No matter how rich you think somebody is, the label’s probably deep into their pockets.” – Zombie Juice with Factmag

Zombie Juice on “A Spike Lee Joint”:
“Unsigned and independent
Look, tell my moms I did it
When you risk your life, constant struggle to survive
Say yeah, oh, woah
Unsigned and independent
I move a mile a minute
When you risk your life, constant struggle to survive
Say yeah, oh, woah”

juice rapper

Zombie Juice: Brooklyn Blood

Antonio “Zombie Juice” Lewis was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Unlike Meechy Darko and Erick Arc Elliott who are both of Jamaican heritage, Zombie Juice is the son of Haitian immigrants.

Zombie Juice went to middle school with Meechy in Flatbush, and would later meet Erick in high school. The three quickly became friends, bonding over music, dragon ball z, and pro wrestling. Along with Meechy, Jewice dropped out of high school the summer after his sophomore year.

Before he started making a living with his music, Juice made his money by hustling in the sneaker game.

“I was buying [sneakers] from eBay and buying shit where people didn’t know that it was a really rare Air Raid from ’94 or something. And then if it was a little fucked up I’d clean it, and put a little piece of paper with my name on it next to it to prove it was me, and then I’d just sell it and make double or triple the money sometimes.”

While Juice was on his hustle, Erick had begun making beats. The three were smoking together often, and Juice began to freestyle over Erick’s beats while they’d pass the blunt. But it would still be a couple years before Zombie Juice began to really give music a shot.

Around this time Juice and the other Zombies began experimenting with psychedelic drugs, which brought them to experience wildly alternative perspectives and ego-death that bonded them together as a creative group. This theme of “ego-death” would serve as a continuing theme in their music, their persona, and their brand as “Zombies”.

Zombie Juice began writing rhymes as a 19 year old during a period of self-imposed sobriety (his first rhyme was based on Happy Days: “I’m overload/I’m over gone/Time to get this paper on/Fetty, Mozzarelli/Modern day Fonzierelli”).

From there, the three friends from Flatbush began recording music for themselves and their friends to smoke to, but wouldn’t move to actually release anything for several years.

Zombie Juice referencing pro wrestler Steve Austin in “Big Shrimp”:
“Really ahead of my time, thank God I ain’t reach my prime
Open your mind, owning the day, one day at a time
Run it up, double up, flippin’ what? Don’t stop now
Count it up, slab of what? Get the bucks, don’t stop now
This we smoke, no coffin, got a leather vest with Steve Austin
I move the base like a forklift, it’s a Zombie thing, we some bosses”

juice flatbush zombies

Zombie Juice on “This Is It”:
“Always was a winner even when I wasn’t ‘posed to
The money getting bigger as if it wasn’t supposed to
Just a lonely nigga, talk too much to myself, need a break
On July 8th broke down heaven’s gates
Now I stay high all day
Fuck you leaving, fuck all evening
Call me mister fuck all day
Trap all day and night
Don’t need a house much less you ‘bout some change
Expand my conscious, tryna’ walk on water
Feel the earth on me
You hatin’, I’ll be somewhere slayin’ bitches by their face on me
Catch a fade, Kobe, with an eighth on me
Not phased, don’t pass that shit homie
Cough, smoke, cough, got my shit sealed off
‘Bout to put some in the air, ‘til a nigga doze off
Cos you got some shrooms, I got a room
You and me ‘til we reach the moon
Never wore a disguise, love the skin I’m in
You trade your soul for fame, we ain’t built the same”

How does Zombie Juice fit into Flatbush Zombies?

In the Larger Zombie, Meech is the heart, Erick is the brain, and Zombie Juice is the persona. His colors, sense of style, and mannerisms simply ooze presence. He’s the type of guy that, when you’d see him on the street, you’d think he was famous regardless of whether you knew him or not.

Juice’s self-assurance and confidence is infectious, both within the group and for their fans. On the Vacation in Hell tour, Zombie Juice began and ended the set in a coffin with a heart emblazoned on its door. Zombie Juice preaches self-love and positive thinking at every opportunity.

more juice less soda @ the rave last night from r/flatbushzombies

Zombie Juice represents a crucial part of the Flatbush Zombies’ fanbase and group persona. He wears his psychedelic influences on his sleeves and really ties in the whole ‘grave hippy’ vibe that is central to the Zombie life. Zombie Juice is a ride-or-die for Erick and Meech and, to be honest, he really doesn’t give a fuck if Flatbush Zombies aren’t on your radar – he’s in it for the brotherhood.

Zombie Juice on “U&I”:
“Yeah, I’m patiently waiting
But I don’t really give a fuck if we ain’t in your rotation
I put the heart up on this bitch and can’t nobody take it
Brooklyn niggas, we take it, Flatbush baby, gon’ make it
Check it, but these my brothers, love ’em to death
Written in stone, until I’m gone, we puffin’ the death
No concern, nah, compare us, how?
Cool milli off the merch, SoundScan’s shuttin’ down now”

flatbush zombies juice

Zombie Juice in Flatbush Zombies’ Music

A flurry of flows. A whirlwind of bars. Without Zombie Juice, Flatbush Zombies just wouldn’t be the same. Juice can manufacture some of the best hooks in the industry hands down, and offers a much needed contrast to the deeper, more controlled deliveries of Erick and Meech. Juice’s flows are a dynamic blend somewhere between Eminem, Meek Mill, and Snoop, bringing a laid-back but fiery tone to his bars.

There’s far more to the music of Flatbush Zombies than the drug themes that are so overly noted by every single journalist to ever interview them (ever). This is especially true for Juice. Juice regularly hits with surprisingly insightful societal commentary, particularly when it comes to racism, police, public schooling, and our prison system.

Zombie Juice on “Chunky”:
“Designed to be confused, they only use blacks
When describing negative views only show blacks
When they violent in their views
It’s more than that, they replace the phones with they homes
Parents be gone, don’t teach their kids right or wrong
Not to be confused with this, this, or that one
My swag won, bad since this Michael Jackson
Assassinated, all my heroes are in cages”

Zombie Juice on LSD25 for Vacation in Hell

Zombie Juice’s Musical Influences

Out of the three Zombies, Zombie Juice’s musical influences are the most hip hop-centric. Juice has mentioned the Grateful Dead in plenty of interviews, (hell, all three of them have) but otherwise tends to pull from his hip hop idols most heavily. Juice has gone on record saying that he doesn’t really listen to much music when in album-mode, preferring instead to purely focus on creating.

In various interviews, Zombie Juice has listed the following artists as major influences:

  • Biggie Smalls
  • Eminem
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Ghostface
  • Grateful Dead
  • Necro
  • Ill Bill
  • Bone Thugs
  • Easy E
  • Mac Dre
  • Thizz Nation

“My favorite album is Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg. Because he’s a fucking pimp, gangster, hustler, everything. It was so versatile. The flows were crazy. You never heard something like that ever during the time of rap. Snoop Dogg did some unbelievable shit. I still get shivers down my spine when I heard Snoop and Dre’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang.” That shit was awesome.” – Zombie Juice with Complex

juice flatbush

Zombie Juice + Fashion

Zombie Juice may not be well-known in the fashion world, but that’s their loss. Paris Fashion Week doesn’t know what it’s missing out on.

“If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, you shouldn’t be wearing it. That’s the biggest mistake ever.” – Zombie Juice with Esquire

Juice’s style is impossible to miss but hard to define: but it’s something like the flyest hippy you’ve ever seen. Zombie Juice started dying his hair around age 18, since then he’s had orange, red, purple, yellow, caramel, blue, blond – all in a variety of hairstyles. And that doesn’t even begin to touch on his beard game. I’m not even going to try to waste more words on this, only images will suffice.

antonio "zombie juice" lewis

zombie juice rapper

flatbush zombies zombie juice

zombie juice hair

juice fbz

zombie juice beard

Zombie Juice’s Best Lyrics

Juice on “New Phone Who Dis?”:

“Smoke to death, might lose my ears
Walking dead, can’t feel my tears
Fake love in disguise
I repute those that get near
I let my soul fly like fruits from our peers
I got some questions, I got some weed, I got some acid
Needlepoint LSD
I got a bad bitch we could settle fees
And if your eyes open there is still more to see
They try to tell me I was wrong
I’m still looking
Last night I spent a couple hours up in Central Bookings
Only had a dub but I was trapping prostitution
Weed, coca leaves, percs and LSD
Two hundred for the bottle
Add it up, more for me
Thinking back, I’m still here it’s lovely
Ripping shows and blowing cheese
Oh, you love me? Soon we’ll see
Palm trees and double Ds
They want that old shit?
Well, fuck y’mean?”

Juice on “Chunky”:

Designed to be confused, they only use blacks
When describing negative views only show blacks
When they violent in their views
It’s more than that, they replace the phones with they homes
Parents be gone, don’t teach their kids right or wrong
Not to be confused with this, this, or that one
My swag won, bad since this Michael Jackson
Assassinated, all my heroes are in cages

Juice on “The Odyssey”:

jewice“Every day, live it like it’s it for me
Black on black in time with my roots this is my ghetto symphony
Shout out to my fam and my homies, we making history
Never had a degree, but the streets made me a sicker breed
Every day another drug, experimental in my mental
Had to tone it down, I c-couldn’t see without my liquid liquid
Had to learn how to balance life man, I can’t fucking stand it
Court fees, bought pleas, nigga where’s your fucking manners
How you hatin’ on us, but claim the king of NY?
These niggas ain’t fit to be the king, go ask Jadakiss why
I’m in the lobby right now, 16:55
I got a bitch like Cardi B, bet that ass sittin’ nice
Don’t gotta go to South Bronx to get your Furious Five
40 ounce of malt liquor, joint stuffed with the pie
Boss nigga, best nigga, let y’all do deciding
Hot spitter, dead niggas, man we been through the wire
Somebody call ’em up and let ’em know I been doin’ it
You’re not that inventive with that coloured hair you’re losing it
Imma everyday struggle ’til I get to the top
I study Em, Big, Tech N9ne, 2Pac
Come to my crib unannounced I got a big t-tech to pop
I dumped 9 missing bodies in the f-fucking car lot
And when I’m mad, I get green like the Hulk
Til my brain goes pop and then them thangs go po-po-po-pow”

Juice on “Ask Courtney”:

Got a problem, got a vent, got a shot, got a sin
Gotta rob, gotta spend, is it you? Is it him?
Is it us? Is it them? Wonder how we make amends
Watch how they circle the block, hate us cause of our skin

Juice on “Misunderstood”:

“This is me, fuck you mean, living like I’m in a dream
Visualize it unity, divide it far as you can see
Diamonds bling while they bleed, fighting for our future seeds
Figure where you wanna be, choose a side and take the streets”

Juice on “Headstone”:

“Who am I? Ruthless, Eazy does it
The Chronic smoke in public, Hate It Or Love It
The underdogs, with Liquid Swords
It Was Written in my diary, this Art of War
I’m feelin’ Infamous, Immortal with my Technique
A Revolutionary shinin’ with diamond teeth
Young Don Cartagena, excuse my demeanor, this the Glamour Life
You Still Not a Player, you ain’t half as nice
I’m Born Again, Life After Death, I made the sacrifice
I’m Supa Dupa Fly, Juicy keep them Hypnotized
I said my name is Juice, AmeriKKKa’s Most
Ain’t No Half-Steppin’, see you at Tha Crossroads”

Juice on “Your Favorite Rap Song”:

zombie juice tattoos“You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just see through the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV screens
Chasing the fucking dream
Livin’ to fit the scene
Never I’m fucking clean
Never this obscene
The green like six teens
Flip O’s a machine
Vaccine I’m poison
Got guns like marines
Smoke good the routine
Love it, that pussy
Juicy the top dog, juicy like hot sauce
Juicy like AI, break necks like Benoit
I flow it the Hulk Hogans
Blow it the best doja
Hold ya composure
Pet bring the coffin
Death will console ya
Remember me blessing you fools with my energy
My energy
Blessing you fools with my energy
Remember me blessing you fools with my energy
My energy
Moving through life like there ain’t no tomorrow
Blazing all these mics like show-time at Apollo
Thinking bout my life full circle and the sorrow
Gotta get the C.R.E.A.M
Money motivations, greens galore
Yeh, I like that shit raw, tell me how that shit feel
Living legend, 20 something, imagine how my dick feel
God damn it how does all my shit feel
Men win and men lose, sometimes a friend too
Steaming on the tops, I’m never stealth from the fuck
I’ve never felt like I’m not
Swagger it’s in my roots
New York we the greatest, these rap niggas hate us
Most you niggas wanna be us, I can see it in they faces
Been like the same since, seventeen beating cases
Same drugs and same names, different places
Same kick game perspective just switch lanes
Been hot for 4 years, my nigga Isaac Blaze
A true meaning it seems, underground kings
Still high without my wings, survive and still I dream
Equality and loyal over fallacies and more
And where I come from the hood is still niggas poor
Pour another bottle fuck America’s dreams
Do it for your family or life ain’t what it seems
Get it how you live and album sales wouldn’t matter
Still running through you niggas like a mother fucking bladder”

Juice on “Laker Paper”:

“Good morning, wake and bake
Dank weed, them bitches know I stink
Meechy, light up the weed, dog (Where’s my lighter?)
White girl, call it Kate Moss
They say I’m borderline schizo, dysfunctional
Insane in the brain, smoke a lot just to maintain
The niggas feel my pain, them them bitches know it too
Poverty stricken, what’s a nigga ‘posed to do?
Hustler on a mission, Juicy to these hoes
Also know as Trap Hov, Trap Jesus, please believe us smack deceivers
Pussy leave it, leave it smoking like my nina
Boss life nigga, not that Ross life nigga
Paid the cost to be the boss, paid the cost you getting tossed
Light that blunt I’m getting off, put them titties in my mouth!
A cups, B’s or C’s
I don’t fucking please, please proceed to please”

Zombie Juice on Twitter

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