Listen to 21XXX (New Album – 21 Savage + XXXTentacion)


The long-rumored collaboration between 21 Savage and XXXTentacion has finally arrived. It’s no chart topper, but it bangs just as hard as you’d expect with these two bassheads behind the wheel.

21 Savage has dropped his new album collaborating with South Florida sensation XXXTentacion. Although the album isn’t slated to release until tomorrow, they’ve made three of the tracks available on Spotify — even though you can’t even find the album by searching on the app. Right off the bat, the standout song seems to be Offended featuring Young Thug and Meek Mill & “BullS**t”. Check it out below and let us know if you agree!

EDIT: Full album is now available at the link below

21 Savage and XXXTentacion

xxxtentacion 21 savage

The past couple months haven’t been the kindest to 21 Savage or XXXTentacion. The former had a cringe-worthy performance at an Atlanta Hawks game go viral. The let down of a performance had people claiming it proved he was all production and his brand of ‘mumble rap’ just a fad. XXXTentacion meanwhile has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, including continuing legal troubles, assault allegations, and even getting jumped by a few of Migos’ crew and getting his ass pretty well beaten in broad daylight all on video.

It’s good to see them banding together and getting back to what really matters: giving us some tune to bump in our cars way too loudly in peaceful neighborhoods at the end of the day.

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