3 Freestyles that Prove J.I.D. is the Truth

jid freestyles

You can pronounce his name “Jay-Eye-Dee” or “jid”, but you can’t sleep on him. JID is the hottest MC out of Atlanta and is building some serious hype. Now that he’s signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville, J.I.D will be a house-hold name before year’s end.

If you haven’t heard of J.I.D. yet, allow me to allow him to introduce himself. The young MC from Atlanta is equipped with bars of gold and flows of fire and is destined to be the next GOAT rapper in the vein of Lil Wayne, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar.

But don’t just take my word for it, see the evidence for yourself.

JID’s Most Jaw-Dropping Freestyles

1) JID with Funk Flex

Less than a month after dropping his debut album The Never Story, JID goes into the studios of Atlanta’s Hot 97 and leaves the mic in tatters.

At the start he looks shy and anxious, with his eyes down and hood up. But all that uncertainty quickly melts away as he grabs the beat and goes in for the better part of three minutes. Then, just as you lean back with your jaw dropped, he does it again on a new beat, except this time his bars are somehow even harder than the first. If you’ve never seen someone freestyle off the dome for close to seven minutes straight, you’re in for a treat.

Best Lines:
“I ain’t lil weezy, but that nigga inspired my dreams
So word to him, J, Nas, Ye, Kenny and D
But watch this guillotine flow like the head of a king
King’s cool kamikaze JID step on the scene”

“JIDDY got all the rhymes, all the rhythms, I grab pens
Calculate flows, algorithms, arithmetic
A mathmetician, the rhythm could kick, the sound could kill ‘em
But I don’t even need the hassle, I just need the keys to the castle
And some weed, tell that judge you won’t need my pee like pterodactyl”

2) JID with DJ Kay Slay

Days before the release of The Never Story, J.I.D. hopped on the airwaves on Sirius XM’s Eminem channel, Shade 45. You can tell this one’s going to be good by how excited JID gets about the beat DJ Kay Slay drops.

Highlight: watching Jazzie Belle’s attempts to play it cool while she witnesses this man breathe fire into the mic right in front of her (spoiler – she loses it about two minutes in).

Best Lines:
“get your t shirts, your RIP shirts, your should’ve never dropped JID shirts
The only reason we hurt people cuz nigga we hurt
Look at JID subject leapin’ but I’m not a lemur”

3) JID – “My Name Is” Freestyle

Okay, this freestyle isn’t a live video like the others but it’d be sacrilegious to leave it out. If you had any doubts about the versatility JID has in his bookbag, this will clear them up real quick. Few rappers could flow over this wild beat without tainting Shady’s original version but somehow JID does it fuckin’ justice from the very start. The man’s got somethin to say.

Best Lines:
“Fuck takin Dylann Roof to jail, you should bring him to me and my niggas
No god it won’t be a homicide, we’ll keep him alive
Give me four days, maybe even five
Maybe from monday to friday, I promise he’ll cooperate
Snatch out one of his eyes and make him look him in his eye
Then scalp shave then use his hide for black pride
I guess you’d think i’m trying to incite a race riot
But no i like white people, I hate that guy
I never understood the mind of a person who wanna murder and hurt people
Who tryna make a change and do good
If he wanted real war he should’ve went to the hood”

About JID

spillage village
JID with the rest of Spillage Village

J.I.D. (real name Destin Route) is from East Atlanta’s Bouldercrest Road – the same infamous neighborhood that Gucci Mane grew up in. J.I.D. went on to attend Hampton University in Virginia on a football scholarship, where he met Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot of EARTHGANG and released his first mixtape, named for his dorm at Hampton.

After dropping out of school his sophomore year, J.I.D moved into an apartment with Venus and Dot to focus on music while working various part time jobs, including working at call centres, fast food restaurants, and delivering pizza.

After busting his ass for a few years, J.I.D’s hip hop career started gaining traction. The exposure he got through Spillage Village’s first album Bears Like This got him a gig opening on Ab-Soul’s “These Days Tour”. Bas, a J. Cole understudy, also happened to be on that tour. It was this connection that brought J.I.D to eventually sign with Cole’s Dreamville label in 2017.

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