Ever Seen Frank Ocean in a Mosh Pit?

frank ocean mosh pit

We knew Frank Ocean was a gifted artist with a talent for turning emotions and memories into beautiful music. It turns out he has a few other, less vulnerable, ways he likes to blow off steam too – like throwing elbows in grungy circle pits.

Frank Ocean is a man of mystery. Even Frank’s diehard fans – the ones who have literally spent months of their lives gobbling up his music, interviews, and cryptic tumblr posts – don’t know much for sure about the man behind the music.

Frank Ocean’s most recent album, Blonde, conjures a beautifully forlorn image of a man torn between his heart and head. A man who is more likely to be found quietly sitting alone on a park bench with pen and paper than at a Hollywood Gala. A man more likely to be found observing a crowd from just off-stage than jumping right into it. Especially if that crowd takes the form of a mosh pit.

You might think that – unless you’ve watched the entire short doc of Odd Future’s trip to New York City back in 2012 (found below). The video was shot by Odd Future affiliate Mikey Alfred and follows the group around NYC for a few days on their 2012 tour. In it, you’ll find plenty of highlights, including:

  • A dance off with Tyler, the Creator handily taking the W (1:30)
  • A Frank Ocean freestyle (2:50)
  • Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” Live (5:05)
  • Odd Future performing “Rella” (8:15)
  • Hodgy Beats dissing Domo Genesis while Domo throws up in a trash can (12:20)

And of course, the real highlight: look out for Frank Ocean jumping from the stage right into the pit at 15:11. Watch for the moshing bandana!

Why is Frank Ocean Moshing?

frank ocean mosh pit
Odd Future was the launching point for Frank Ocean’s career

Odd Future (and Frank) wasn’t just in NYC that week for their show. They also had a few photo shoots and other appearances on the calendar – including a live show by Odd Future’s favorite punk band, Trash Talk. At first glance it may seem that a hardcore punk band like Trash Talk would be so tight with a hip hop collective like Odd Future, but the match starts to make a lot of sense as you look closer.

Trash Talk and Odd Future met at SXSW in 2011 after Hodgy Beats leapt off the roof into the crowd – a stunt fairly commonplace in hardcore music, but rare at your average hip-hop concert. Since then, the two groups have gone on to share stages on numerous occasions. In fact, three months after this video, Trash Talk officially signed on with Odd Future Records.

Trash Talk is known for putting on rampaging tours and the occasional riot-inducing show. And for whatever reason, rappers dig it.

Last February, Trash Talk released a single with Flatbush Zombies. They performed at Tyler’s music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw, in in 2015. They’ve also performed alongside Denzel Curry on tour. But no one, and I mean no one, fucks with Trash Talk quite as heavy as Action Bronson (even if Frank moshes harder).

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