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Welcome to the CentralSauce Creative Library! CentralSauce is a platform that empowers creatives in music. Our Creative Library contains resources and education for passionate Creatives in the music industry who want to grow, learn, and develop their skills.  

Our process for identifying resources and educators for the library is extremely selective. Everything here is highly-reviewed and well-credentialed. Check out our offerings below.

Resources for Indie Artists

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Featured: Distribution & Streaming Guide for Indie Artists

This comprehensive e-book teaches artists at any level how to grow their audience on streaming services through data analysis, automation, profile optimization, and by creating value as a curator.

Learn how to:

  • Customize your artist profiles on popular streaming services
  • Build a playlist and grow its following
  • Pitch to independent curators the right way
  • Grow your digital network
  • Manage your time by staying organized
  • Release music catered to playlists