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We employ a bottom-up publishing approach where passion, creativity, and collaboration is prioritized over what things “should” be or “should” look like. We are highly selective about who joins our ranks and we hold each other to the highest of standards, creating substantive content that brings significance and context to the music we love. It’s why our website has been designated as an “important cultural artifact” and is archived by the US Library of Congress in perpetuity.

In life, you don’t often get an opportunity to relentlessly pursue your passion  with the support of like-minded creatives who share your mindset and ambitions. Thanks to the incredible team below, CentralSauce is changing that.

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CentralSauce Creators

edward alexander centralsauce
Edward’s Archives

Joined: May 2018

Based In: Los Angeles, CA

Why CentralSauce?

Sometimes you get lucky and your first home is your best home. That first home is inviting and challenging, constantly keeping you on your toes and eager for whatever might come next. If you asked me why CentralSauce is the home for my writing my first answer might be, “because they accepted me,” but a more honest answer is because the community is unlike anything I could have imagined and because the consistent willingness to grow is simultaneously inviting and challenging.”

Contact: Twitter

Ten Essential Songs:

ben carter centralsauce
Ben’s Archives

Joined: April 2018

Based In: Sydney, AUS

Why CentralSauce?

CentralSauce does things differently. It favours deep, well-researched, immersive content over superficial or clickbait work that leaves you as quick as you read it. The content I create can take months to research and describe, and there’s no other outlet with the capacity to publish and highlight such deep dives. My content is in-depth and takes a lot of hard work, and this is exactly what CentralSauce is.”

Contact: @HipHopNumbers

Personal Blog: Ben’s Big Blog

Ten Essential Songs:

Ryan Gaur

Ryan’s Archives

Joined: May 2019

Based In: Munich, GER

Why CentralSauce?

I wanted to find a place to express my pure passion for music without having to filter it for clicks. The zero tolerance for clickbait and the full embrace of passion at CentralSauce was a huge factor in my decision to write here. It is an environment in which I can express my love and talents to their full extent.”


Essential Songs:

conor herbert centralsauce

Conor’s Archives

Joined: July 2018

Based In: Melbourne, AUS

Why CentralSauce?

CentralSauce is more than just a hip hop site: it’s home to a community of likeminded writers and creatives. Whether anticipating albums, reflecting on releases or workshopping ideas, we’re bonding over our mutual appreciation of the art, expanding our horizons and learning from each other. In substituting oft-impenetrable editorial structure with collaboration and friendship, CentralSauce not only helps me get the best out of myself, but gives that best straight to the readers.

Contact: Twitter

Personal Blog: OneFourOne

Ten Essential Songs:

brandon hill journalist

Brandon’s Archives

Joined: April 2019

Based In: Illinois, USA

Why CentralSauce?

I first encountered CentralSauce as a reader, and was drawn to the quality of the in depth writing that could only be done by individuals passionate about their content. As a journalist CentralSauce is an outlet for working towards my dreams in music journalism; as a human, CentralSauce is simply what makes me happy. I’ve never felt happier than when I’m standing in a crowd at a live show for an amazing artist, and writing for CentralSauce means I can always be around what I love, doing what I love.”

Contact: Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Essential Songs:

shane ryu centralsauce

Shane’s Archives

Joined: July 2018

Based In: Los Angeles, CA

Why CentralSauce?

Writing has always been a personal outlet of mine, and personal is the operative word — I find solace in the distinction that it has and always will be uniquely my own, and nobody can take that away from me. But recently, I’ve had the pleasure of joining a collective of like-minded creators, and working in a collaborative environment that fosters inspiration and creativity has been an incredible experience. CentralSauce has provided an unique opportunity for writers from all over the world to be connected by a mutual love for hip-hop, and I’m grateful to be working with such talented individuals.”

Contact: Shane’s Twitter & Instagram

Ten Essential Songs:

carter scott centralsauce

Carter’s Archives

Joined: Carter founded CentralSauce in December 2017.

Based In: Atlanta, GA

Why CentralSauce?

Media today is filled with a stifling lack of substance. With a look around at the ‘big’ outlets in music today, they constantly sacrifice passion and quality content for clickbait and memes. Music is the most important thing in our lives. It provides a soundtrack to the moments that mean the most. Music deserves better.”

Website: CarterFowlerCreative.com

Contact: Twitter & Email

Ten Essential Songs:

Nigel Washington CentralSauce

Nigel’s Archives

Joined: March 2019

Based In: Philadelphia, PA

Why CentralSauce?

To grow as a creator, in any realm, you should always try to do the following things:

  1. Align yourself with people whose work you admire and respect
  2. Align yourself with people who can help you improve your craft
  3. Align yourself with people who can help you push your vision

That’s why I chose Central Sauce as a place to share my words. The collective here is a helpful community full of passionate writers and creators eager to push hip-hop culture forward.”

Contact: Twitter

Ten Essential Songs:


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