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brockhampton vs odd future

We dug through every interview each member of the group has ever given to discover the inspirations and influences of Brockhampton, then spent hours making the ultimate Brockhampton playlist of influences in celebration of Brockhampton’s SATURATION III.

Brockhampton dropped their much-anticipated album Saturation III this Friday, leaving fans and critics alike raving. Saturation III is the group’s third studio album and the final component of the Saturation trilogy. As with the first two installments of the trilogy, it shows the group’s continuing progression and astonishing growth as a creative collective.

After claiming the album would not be accompanied by any singles, Brockhampton did in fact release the first single from Saturation III days before the album dropped. The song, “BOOGIE”, takes some warming up to, but once you’ve gone through a few listens it’ll have you solo-moshing around your room all morning. Brockhampton also alleged that Saturation III would be their last album, which they promptly disavowed by announcing their fourth album, Team Effort, on Twitter the day before Saturation III dropped.

Brockhampton’s Influences: The Comprehensive Playlist

We recommend listening to the playlist straight through (no shuffling!) so you can track song themes and each song’s Brockhampton counterpart with our Playlist Guide below.

About the Playlist

The vast majority of artists included in this playlist have either been specifically mentioned themselves or had a song by them mentioned by a member of Brockhampton in an interview discussing personal music influences. We picked 1-4 tracks by each influencer that carry noticeable themes audible in Brockhampton’s sound, taking into account overall sound, or some specific aspect such as production, vocal style, or flow.

Influences of: BROCKHAMPTON

Playlist Guide

Every song from the playlist and its Brockhampton counterpart, track by track.

InfluencerPlaylist SongBrockhampton CounterpartNotes
Future"Neva End""SWAMP
Kanye West

kanye brockhampton
"Blood on the Leaves""STAR"
Kanye West"Amazing""FAKE"
Kanye West"On Sight""JUNKY"
Kid Cudi

kid cudi brockhampton
"Erase Me""GAMBA"
Kid Cudi"Alive (nightmare)""GOLD"Listen to chorus over chorus - matches almost perfectly
Kid Cudi"GHOST!""TRIP"
Tyler, The Creator
tyler brockhampton
Tyler, The Creator"Who Dat Boy""JUNKY"
Tyler, The Creator"Jamba""GOLD"
Tyler, The Creator"Tamale""BUMP"Listen closely to the end of each song where they transition to indie rock
Tyler, The Creator"She" (feat Frank Ocean)"BOYS"
Frank Ocean

frank ocean brockhampton

"Novacane""SWIM"Pay special attention to Merlyn and Dom's verses at the end
Frank Ocean"Self Control""WASTE"
Frank Ocean"Crack Rock""MILK"
Frank Ocean"Chanel""JELLO" / "SUMMER"JELLO mirrors the flow style but SUMMER captures nearly the exact chord progression and pace (& even uses piano similarly), just in a rock ballad form

eminem brockhampton
"We Made You""FAKE"
Eminem"Crack a Bottle""SWEET"Note JOBA's verse and compare Ameer's verse to Dre's
D12 / Eminem"My Band""SWEET"Compare the hooks & note Bizarre's verse vs Dom's
Justin Timberlake"SexyBack""BOOGIE"
Odd Future

odd future brockhampton
Odd Future"Hcapd""JELLO"
Wu-Tang Clan"Bring Da Ruckus""HEAT"Just 20 years earlier in production!
Wu-Tang Clan"Shame On a Nigga""CHICK"

mia brockhampton
M.I.A."Go Off""JELLO"
M.I.A."Come Around" (feat Timbaland)"SWEET"Note how Ameer and Dom's verses reflect different aspects of Timbaland's verse
Death Grips"Guillotine"MERLYNHonestly this song somehow sounds just like if we combined all Merlyn's verses into one song
Death Grips"No Love""HEAT"

nerd brockhampton
"Sooner or Later""SWIM"
N.E.R.D."Everyone Nose""TRIP"
Injury Reserve"Oh Shit!!!""GUMMY"
Injury Reserve"All This Money""BOOGIE"
King Krule

king krule brockhampton
"Baby Blue""SUMMER"If Merlyn sang all Bearface's songs, you'd have King Krule
King Krule"Easy Easy""WASTE"
Earl Sweatshirt"Hive""BOYS"Plenty of other options like BUMP, FAKE, & others but we went with BOYS because of the similarity in flow and production between the tracks
Earl Sweatshirt"Sunday" (feat Frank Ocean)"CASH" / "MILK"

beyonce brockhampton
"Run the World (Girls)""TOKYO"JOBA's flow is very bey-esque, and production is very similar (albeit less powerful)
MF DOOM / Danger Doom"Benzi Box" (feat CeeLo Green)"GOLD"
Radiohead"Everything In Its Right Place""FIGHT"So similar it almost sounds like they used it as a sample for the beginning

radiohead brockhampton
BADBADNOTGOOD"WEIGHT OFF""SWEET"Listen to that bass line
Mac Miller

mac miller brockhampton
"Donald Trump""CANNON"Pay attention to their flow and that melody on the chorus
Mac Miller"Loud""STAR"
Pharrell Williams"Freedom"GeneralWe included this one mostly just because of Pharrell's voice - he screams like JOBA and sings like Kevin Abstract
Pharrell Williams"Can I Have It Like That""BOYS"
Missy Elliott

missy elliott brockhampton
"Work It""SWEET"
Miss Elliott"WTF (Where They From)" (feat Pharrell Williams)"GOLD"
Kendrick Lamar"m.A.A.d city""GUMMY"
Vic Mensa"Liquor Locker""TRIP"
Will Smith"Gettin' Jiggy Wit It"GeneralBOOGIE & QUEER have some similar themes but we mostly wanted to include him because he's the reason Kevin Abstract began rapping

influences of brockhampton

Brockhampton Members: Top Influential Artists

Unfortunately only a couple members of the group have given solo interviews in great enough depth to quote them on their influences. We’ll keep this section updated as the rest of the group, including JOBA, Matt Champion, and Merlyn Wood begins to open up more after Saturation III.

Kevin Abstract

  • Kanye West
  • Future
  • Kid Cudi
  • Tyler, The Creator
  • Frank Ocean


Ameer Vann

  • King Krule
  • Earl Sweatshirt
  • Kanye West
  • Beyonce
  • Frank Ocean
  • Eminem
  • Radiohead


Dom McLennon

  • Wes Montgomery
  • Billie Holiday
  • Miles Davis
  • Mount Kimbie
  • James Blake
  • A-Trak


Do you hear what we hear, or did we get a few matches wrong? Tell us in the comments!

Edit: Looks like the fellas are enjoying the playlist too!

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