Resources & Education for Upcoming Artists

We believe in passion. We believe in fostering creativity and inspiration. And more than anything, we believe in the importance of investing in yourself.

In life, you don’t often get an opportunity to relentlessly pursue your dreams with the resources and support that can turn your goals into reality. CentralSauce exists to provide this opportunity to creatives around the world, whether you’re a writer, videographer, or musician. 

That’s why we’ve spent our time collecting the absolute best educational resources across the web for aspiring musicians and upcoming artists. These courses and resources can give you the skills and knowledge you need to make your dream come true.

Each course and resource included on this page was developed by credentialed industry experts and has undergone thorough vetting by our team. Use them to develop your skills and create your own future. Fuck the naysayers.

If you decide to develop your talents by taking any of the above courses, you’ll be both investing in your passion and also supporting the passions of the people that keep this website up and running. We have chosen only the best educational and developmental resources to share with you because we love great music and want you to make more of it!